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Classic Car Buyers Check List at Wright Motor Company South

Wright Motor Company’s #1 goal is you are happy with the car you purchase. Below is a common sense approach to classic cars. First and foremost bear in mind there are many makes ,models ,and combinations of body style, engines, transmission , wheels ect. Please don’t get caught up in the circus of exactly this or that, most of these cars have been around at least 30 years. There are NO experts here so we don’t wish to guarantee particular models. We offer a serviced and ready to drive vehicles. Just to own and have a little fun.

We treat every customer with respect and expect the same in return. We will refuse service to any customer, who is rude, or out of line

We do not sell fully restored cars.
99% of our cars are drivers and are not fully restored. Do not expect a fully restored car for a fraction of the price of a fully restored car. We will do our best to accurately describe the car to you, so please listen to our description.

We do not hold cars without deposits
We will not hold a vehicle for you without a $500 nonrefundable deposit. No exceptions. If you find a good deal, give us a deposit. If you do not give us a deposit and the car sells, then you are out of luck.

Mileage is Exempt.
Unless we have some documentation we always sell classic cars as mileage exempt. That means we do not know the original miles. What we list in the ad is what the odometer currently reads. Also, you cannot do a carfax or autocheck on any car older than a 1981.

Old Cars leak fluid.
All old cars leak fluid at some point. There are two types of fluid leaks; Problematic and typical. Ask us which one it has.

ALL old cars have some sort of rust or filler.
Whether it is surface rust or problematic rust, all old cars have had some sort of rust in their lifetime. We will be happy to accurately describe the areas, so please call us. Body filler is the same thing, all old cars have some. So the question is, was it used correctly or misused. Again, we will let you know either way so call us for a description.

You must call us for a complete description. If you email us 100 questions we will tell you to call. If you are serious about buying a vehicle, you need to call us. We understand that it takes a little more time but it is well worth it. We will not sell you a car if you do not call us first.

We do not guarantee engine codes.
We do our best to decode the engine and transmission codes so that we may pass them on to you. Unfortunately, there are many variables, and some are very difficult to read. Again, we will do our best to get the correct information, but we do not guarantee it.

Old cars are Old cars. AS IS - NO WARRANTY
We do our very best to accurately describe every vehicle we sell. We take a lot of time testing what works, and what doesn’t. Unfortunately, old cars can have anything quit working at any time. We do not offer any type of warranty at all. Once you buy a classic car, you understand that part of the hobby is working on them. Get ready! -it is not if they will break, but when!

Thank You, Eldon Wright